About Vietnam

Vietnam National Flag The national flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is rectangular in shape; its width being equal to two-thirds of its length, in the middle of a red background is a yellow star. The red flag with yellow star appeared for the first time in the Nam Ky revolt (23 November 1940). [...]

Vietnam National holidays New Year: 1 January Lunar New Year: four-day holiday (the last day of the old year and three first days of the new year in lunar calendar) Reunification day: 30 April International Labour day: 1 May National day: 2 September

Vietnam Newspaper Distribution Service Vietnamese newspapers and magazines can be bought at any Post Offices or agents. Customers can subscribe to Vietnamese newspapers or magazines at any Post Office or directly contact their offices.

Vietnam Population With over 83 million people (according to the 2005 Population Census), Vietnam is ranked 13th among the most populous countries in the world. 25% of the population lives in urban areas and 75% in rural areas. The population growth rate is 1.18% per annum. Ho Chi Minh City (5 million people) and Hanoi [...]

Vietnam Postal Service -Telephone: include fixed phone and mobile phone services. These services are available throughout Vietnam. – Telephone flower delivery: Vietnamese Post Office provides telephone flower delivery service to anywhere inside Vietnam following customers’ orders. There are two kinds of this service: telephone flower delivery of condolence or congratulation. – Mail and parcel postal [...]

Vietnam in APEC Vietnam joined APEC in November 1998. Since then Vietnam has actively participated in cooperation programs on free trade and trade-investment facilitation as well as technical cooperation within APEC. Eight years after joining APEC, Vietnam has achieved important results to intensify international economic integration and strengthen multi-sided cooperation with countries in this dynamic [...]

Vietnam in ASEAN During the last over ten years since joining the Association in July 1995, Vietnam has actively contributed to the unity and cooperation in ASEAN, striving for an ASEAN of peace, stability and development. In December 1998, Vietnam successfully hosted the 6th ASEAN Summit in Hanoi. Documents and decisions of the Hanoi Summit, [...]

Vietnam in ASEM Vietnam has made great contribution to the process of establishing ASEM and is one of the 26 founding members of ASEM in March 1996. Since then, together with other partners in ASEM Vietnam has made efforts to help ASEM process evolve towards the set targets and bring the Asia-Europe ties to a [...]

WTO accession Aware of the role and significance of the WTO towards global economic development in general and economic growth of each country in particular, Vietnam has made efforts to join the WTO at an early date, considering this an important step in Vietnam’s international economic integration process. With the conclusion of multilateral negotiations for [...]