Current physical phenomenon prices usually good abounding people: evn

VietNamNet Bridge – Chair of a Physical phenomenon of Vietnam( EVN) Dao Van Hung believes that a stream physical phenomenon pricing resource is not in accord with, given it usually benefits abounding people as good as encourages people as good as enterprises to operate energy-wasting equipment.

Do you consider that a stream physical phenomenon pricing resource is irrational?

We consider that you need to keep a physical phenomenon prices during low levels in sequence to await a bad people. In actuality, a stream physical phenomenon prices usually good a abounding people, given a bad usually operate small electricity. A stream prices inspire people as good as enterprises to operate a equipments that operate appetite ineffectively, to illustrate causing a detriment of trillions of dong.

Also, a low prices cannot inspire people operate physical phenomenon economically.

It would be additionally a fumble to consider that gripping a physical phenomenon prices during low levels can assistance quell a inflation. A low prices have been only a “virtual” prices, whilst a “actual” prices have “gone” to a prolongation costs for spark, oil or materials that suggest production.

If you keep a physical phenomenon prices during low levels that afterwards encourages physical phenomenon rubbish, this equates to that you pull a acceleration up.

The Vietnam Spark as good as Mineral Industries Group( Vinacoal) as good as a Vietnam National Oil as good as Gas Group( PetroVietnam), have both not long ago complained that EVN does not squeeze all a physical phenomenon they have. What would you contend about that?

We have decisions upon purchasing physical phenomenon after deliberation a benefits of a village as good as of people. There have been about 80 energy plants that suggest physical phenomenon during opposite cost levels. If you do not buy physical phenomenon from a energy plants that have reduce prolongation costs, though muster physical phenomenon from a plants that set tall prices, this would means large waste to a State.

I have to remind you that if you do not operate preservation in regulating spark as good as gas for energy plants, this will lead to a healthy resources depletion. A complaint will turn clearer in a little 10 years.

EVN has taken over a avocation of upon condition that physical phenomenon to a Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone as good as Phu My Hung latest civic area after Hiep Phuoc Energy Company stopped upon condition that physical phenomenon due to enlarged losses. With a approaching expenditure of a single billion kwh a year, how most some-more waste will EVN catch?

It is estimated that if you takes over a physical phenomenon grid from Hiep Phuoc, you would catch a detriment of over 100 billion dong a month, as good as 1500 billion dong a year.

EVN has been run a commander energy rival marketplace for a single month. How have been things starting?

In actuality, you have been scheming as good as putting in service given 2007, that has helped EVN’s staff get used to their works. All a reduced tenure hurdles have been settled. To date, no large obstacles have appeared. However, it is unequivocally not elementary to umpire a energy market.

Under a stream regulations, 5 percent of a physical phenomenon prices contingency be paid during once. Has EVN got any difficulties with a collateral with such regulations?

The regulation of a energy rival marketplace says that 5 percent should be mark traffic deals. This requires energy generators to work out a prolongation costs as good as a offering sales prices, that will assistance improved classify a prolongation as good as cut down losses in sequence to have best offering sales prices. Meanwhile, people can operate physical phenomenon in a best way.

We have not got any difficulties. A remuneration has not been done, given you have been only upon a hearing basis.

The Government has authorized a energy era growth devise for 2011-2020. Do you consider a collateral mobilization devise for implementing a devise is possibly?

In a past, EVN once good mobilized collateral by arising holds, though you still cannot contend anything about down payment distribution in a context of a stream murky batch market. In a devise, a collateral from holds does not comment for a large proportion. You devise to find collateral from opposite sources, together with a loans from general banks such as WB, ADB, JBIC as good as shared institutions.

Tran Thuy

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