Thriving rural partnership in between u.s. as well as vietnam

Last week, you was respected to lead USDA’s first-ever rural traffic idea to Vietnam, that is fast apropos a single of a United State’s largest markets for rural exports.

While there, you met with supervision as good as rural officials, witnessed traffic relations building in in between U.S. as good as Vietnamese companies, as good as visited a little of Vietnam’s many successful rural prolongation as good as growth sites.

While in Ho Chi Minh City, you visited a Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Association, or Vinamilk, that is a largest dairy estimate association in Vietnam as good as additionally a vital importer of U.S. rural goods. Final year, they purchased$ 100 million value of U.S. dairy products as good as some-more than$ 10 million of alternative U.S. rural products, together with soybeans as good as alfalfa hay.

I toured a Vinamilk prolongation site as good as met a company’s handling executive, Nguyen Quoc Khanh, who oversees a operations as good as commercial operation growth for Vietnam’s twelve Vinamilk factories.

Mr. Khanh’s story with USDA good precedes a assembly final week. In 1998, he was comparison to experience in a Cochran Fellowship Module, that is administered by USDA’s Foreign Rural Service( FAS) .  At a time, he was a prolongation physical preparation instructor for a Vinamilk plant as good as came to a United States to sense about a ultimate dairy prolongation as good as estimate techniques during Ridgewater College in Wilmar, Minn.

Since 1984, a Cochran Fellowship Module has supposing U.S.-based precision courses to rural experts from middle-income countries, rising markets as good as rising democracies. A idea of a module is to yield tall peculiarity rural preparation to these people, together with Mr. Khanh, that will assistance urge a rural systems in their home countries as good as raise a United States’ traffic relations abroad. Since a pregnancy, a Cochran module has lerned some-more than fourteen, 300 participants from 123 countries, together with some-more than 270 fellows from Vietnam.

In further to Mr. Khan, you had a event to encounter twenty-two Vietnamese Cochran fellows as good as listened about their accomplishments as good as a high regard they have for a program. A single Cochran aluma told me that participating in a module utterly altered her life. She went from being an worker to an employer. She right away owns her own association, employs 35 people as good as functions as a merchant as good as attorney for 10 Vietnamese companies. She pronounced it was a Cochran module that in conclusion gave her a bravery to succeed.

The success stories of these Cochran fellows done me unapproachable to be a partial of a Vietnam rural traffic mission. As a outcome of this idea, you have strengthened a traffic attribute in in between a countries as good as combined latest mercantile opportunities for all involved.

USDA not long ago foresee mercantile year 2011 as good as 2012 exports will strech a jot down$ 137 billion, $ twenty-two billion aloft than a prior jot down set in 2008 as good as$ twenty-eight billion on top of 2010. Strong rural exports minister to a certain U.S. traffic change, emanate jobs as good as progress mercantile growth. A Vietnam traffic idea supports a vital priorities of President Obama’s National Export Initiative( NEI), that aims to stand in all U.S. exports by a finish of 2014 as good as emanate millions of latest American jobs.

To sense some-more about my new outing to Vietnam, revisit a Vietnam rural traffic idea website.

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