Quan Son lake, inland Ha Long Bay

Traveling to Quan Son Lake in My Duc, Hanoi, tourists will be tender with perspective of furious inlet of a lotus lake with a plateau mirroring upon a water.

The lake, about 50 kilometers southeast of Hanoi, consists of scarcely 100 limestone plateau with different plants as well as chronological as well as informative sites. It looks similar to tiny of Ha Long Brook, a universe captivate to tourists.

The lake, upon a track to Perfume Pagoda as well as Kim Boi vegetable tide, is an preferred place for rest, distraction as well as convalescence. Inlet lovers can suffer a wish of sightseeing, yacht cruising, island find as well as fishing.

The initial end is a packet of Giang Noi lake, a single of a 3 large lakes in Quan Son. Standing upon a bank, tourists can see a limestone towering ranges reflecting upon a aspect of a lake.

Quan Son traveller site has a aspect of scarcely 3, 000 hectares as well as includes a communes of Hop Tien, Tuy Lai, Hong Son as well as Thuong Lam.

Visitors to Quan Son can go yachting upon a 850-hectare lake that contains chronological corpse from a duration of Vietnam

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