The tragic love story of Dam Trau Beach

Dam Trau Beach

Dam Trau is a prolonged forlorn pleasant beach upon Criminal Dao Archipelago.

At a single finish is a Co Ong Airport runway where a occasional craft breaks a overpower as it comes in to land. At a alternative finish is a hilly cliff projecting in to an cerulean sea. A white sandy beach is purify as well as corroborated by forested hills. It can be accessed from a highway by a integrate of severe tracks.

Tuan Anh, a debate beam tells us a unhappy adore story about Dam Trau Beach where a crafty, overworked man declared Truc Van Cau who lived in Co Ong Encampment fell in adore with a pleasing lady declared Mai Thi Trau.

Everyone in a encampment suspicion they were a pleasing integrate, until Cau

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