Ao yem – a essential skirt of vietnamese very old girls

Images of seemly girls in inhabitant desirable prolonged dress have been a pitch of Vietnam. However, seeking behind a ancestral growth of inhabitant dress, Vietnam not customarily has ao dai though additionally ao yem – a essential dress of really aged girls.

In a aged days, ao yem was called yem. It is an age-old dress that is confirmed until today. Ao yem was used by all levels of multitude from operative category to top class. It additionally was used during large in normal festivals thus it was a inhabitant normal garments of really aged ladies.

Ao yem

Ao yem

Ao yem appeared in Vietnamese hold up in a really aged day though until Ly dynasty it was fundamentally in shaped. Through a tide of story, ao yem was becoming different ceaselessly as well as mending a design. However a revolutions of ao yem customarily happended during a commencement of a final century whilst horse opera trouser as well as dress were entering Vietnam. In seventeen century, ao yem did not have any large shift of model. In nineteen century, ao yem has a block square is fine fine cloth with a single dilemma cut divided to fit underneath a woman’s throat. This throw of fabric is cumulative opposite a chest as well as go through with skinny strings. There were 3 usual models of ao yem: ao yem co xay, ao yem co xe, ao yem co canh nhan.

Entering twenty century, ao yem was used drawn out with most of abounding designs as well as models. Ao yem that has brownish-red tone as well as was weaved by bold fine fine cloth was for labor. Urban women adored white, pinkish or red ones, whilst women in a panorama wore ao yem in brownish-red or beige, colors matched to their country environment. Upon special occasions, similar to a Lunar New Year or festivals, farming women would additionally wear brightly colored ao yem.

There is a single kind of ao yem that was mostly wore by really aged ladies was called “yem deo bua”. A name was “yem deo bua” since it has a tiny slot of redolence next to as well as it was an value arms of really aged ladies…furthermore, ao yem done most strange adore stories.In a aged day when a lady had a date with her heavenly, she customarily put a square of betel inside her ao yem; it was called “khau trau dai yem” as well as may be there is no kind of betel some-more abnormal than this kind of betel.

Today, a ao yem is appreciated for a informative as well as inventive values. As well as upon gratifying occasions, women via Vietnam have been embracing a ao yem as well as alternative normal garments with renewed enthusiasm.

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