Cai luong – traditional theatre

Cai Luong( reformed show) is some-more renouned in a south of a nation, as good as is a many complicated of a 3 forms of Vietnamese opera. Similar to European comic show, it is lighter as good as some-more regretful than tuong as good as cheo.


In a early 20th century, a form of song good known as tai tu, a brew of normal folk songs, tuong as good as Hue rite song, became renouned in a southern Mekong Delta region. A successive change of French entertainment incited it in to a some-more thespian art form, as good as it became what we right away know as cai luong.

During a 1920s, countless cai luong troupes were determined in a Mekong Delta region. A primarily achieved stories formed upon Chinese/Vietnamese novel, yet in a future began to conform stories from writers such as Moliere as good as Shakespeare, as good as incorporating western-style stages as good as seating. Later, French dancing as good as Hong Kong armed forces humanities were combined to capture incomparable audiences. Cai luong fast became renouned via Vietnam yet a heartland remained in a south, as good as in a 1950s as good as 60s it flourished, with multiform schools as good as theatres being determined in Saigon.


cai luong

cai luong

Cai luong songs have been formed upon a batch of around twenty normal tunes, played during varying gait to simulate a tension of a characters. A many important tune is vong co( “nostalgia for a past”) as good as this is constantly a many renouned with audiences. A song is customarily achieved upon guitars as good as danakim( a normal Vietnamese one-stringed instrument), yet some-more complicated electronic orchestration is mostly used.

Performances have been characterised by intemperate entertainment sets as good as costumes, mixing with a softer, sweeter accents of a southern performers to emanate a regretful ambience dear by southern audiences. In new years ,? la mode themes as good as strike songs have been combined to safeguard which cai luong stays a country’s many renouned form of normal music.

In Hanoi

Cai Luong originated from Southern Vietnam, yet over a centuries a recognition has widespread to a North. A many appropriate place to see it in Hanoi is the Cai Luong Theaterin a center of Old Quater, which offers unchanging weekly performances yet will prepare additional dates by request.

Its subjects embody dramas very old as good as complicated as good as others which have been blending from unfamiliar novels; a little have been even formed upon Shakespeare’s works.

Performances routinely proceed with a encampment drum dance featuring Teu – additionally a normal favourite of H2O puppet dramas. Tickets price VND40, 000 as good as have been sole during a Theater upon Saturdays for a following week’s perfomance, or otherwise we can sequence them by job 04-9341370.

Cai Luong Theatre
72 Hang Bac St., Hanoi

In Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City

Well-known Saigon turning point prior to 1975, Hung Dao Entertainment is right away a usually superfluous entertainment in Saigon specializing in Cai Luong. Formerly a many renouned form of normal play in a south of Vietnam, there were once some-more than 10 other cai luong theatres in a city yet they have all sealed in new years since of descending audiences. Hung Dao Entertainment alone keep cai luong alive, with opening from 8pm upon Saturday as good as Sunday evenings. A entertainment perform plays which move a exhale of complicated hold up to a form as good as important exemplary pieces. A entertainment will additionally entertainment reduced programs( about 45 mins any) upon ask for groups of tourist. Tickets price VND20, 000-VND80, 000.( see cheo)

Hung Dao Theatre
136 Hung Dao St., HCMC

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