Co loa festival

Annually reason after Tet Holiday, Co Loa Legal holiday pays loyalty to King An Duong Vuong who built the Au Lac Kingdom as well as the Co Loa Bulwark to quarrel the conflict opposite enemies in III B.C.

Taking place from the 6th to the 16th day of the Lunar New Year during An Duong Vuong church in Dong Anh District, upon the hinterland of Hanoi, Co Loa Legal holiday formed upon the fable of An Duong King of Au Lac as well as his sorcery crossbow. According to the fable, Genius Kim Quy, the Golden Tortoise, gave Thuc Phan( An Duong Vuong) the sorcery crossbow that could kill tens of thousands of rivalry soldiers during the shot. However, the King’s daughter My Chau told the tip of her father’s sorcery crossbow to her father Trong Thuy, the son of insurgent Chinese ubiquitous Trieu Da, as well as thereby unwittingly enabled Trieu Da to knock out Co Loa in 208 B.C. Learned of the reason for his better, King An Duong is pronounced to have killed his daughter as well as afterwards committed suicide. Nowadays, in Co Loa bulwark, there exists most vestiges still reminding we of the episodes of the legend.

Co Loa festival

Co Loa festival

Visiting Co Loa upon the 6th of the 1st lunar month, we will have the event to take partial in Co Loa Legal holiday orderly by the twelve hamlets of the village. Thuc Phan An Duong Vuong was remembered for structure Co Loa bulwark as well as for statute Au Lac for 50 years, 3rd century B.C. Besides the rite rites in honour of King An Duong Vuong during the Upper Church, there is an commanding as well as honest way of twelve palankeens starting turn the Trong Thuy Well to the Encampment gate. Moreover, in the legal holiday, people additionally put the lot of bid in to celebrating normal activities.

On the afternoon of the 5th day of the initial lunar month, all of the 8 communes( together with Co Loa Commune as well as the substantiating family in between 7 communes) reason the scent charity rite during the community house. During Thuong Church, encampment officials as well as mandarins reason the identical rite as well as correct the King’s contributions as well as achievements. The central legal holiday day, that is upon the 6th of the initial lunar month, commences with processions of notables from surrounding villages to the King An Duong Church where the tiny stately justice containing an scent burner, the mill tablet as well as the wake oration is placed in front of the dual altars. The novel way is preceded by the dwindle that symbolizes the 5 elements( steel, timber, H2O, glow as well as earth), the low-pitched association, as well as the sacrifice. This way featuring dual sedan chairs deduction by the twelve hamlets of Co Loa Commune. One carries the tiny statue of the King, the alternative the beheaded statue of his daughter that symbolizes for her punishment. The way afterwards continues to the Trong Thuy Well as well as behind to the assorted hamlets, accompanied by firecrackers.

Preceded by the novel way is the sacrificial rite that lasts until twelve p.m. The rite takes place in the King’s honour, accompanied by normal music. Next to the rite is the way of twelve villages to take the God from the church to the community residence so that he can watch the festivities. This is the greatest way with the appearance of all the palanquins. When reaching the categorical opening, the palanquins lapse to their villages. Co Loa’s way as well as palanquin do the same rituals once some-more during the community house. The legal holiday continues until the 16th day of the initial lunar month, with dusk fireworks displays, normal games such as cock fighting, tellurian chess, yank of fight, label personification, wrestling, pitch, wire rock climbing, armed forces humanities, dwindle dancing as well as archery as well as performances of ca tru, cheo as well as tuong.

On the last day of the legal holiday, the grand farewell rite will be reason during the temple. After the rituals that have been the same as in the categorical legal holiday day, the cult list of God will be returned to the sanctuary. Local people suffer the god’s foster as well as design the year of wealth as well as insurance from the god. The suggestive legal holiday is regularly sealed with the invocation ceremony.

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