Keo pagoda festival

Attending the three-day Legal holiday in Keo Pagoda, we can knowledge lots of normal rituals, eremite ceremonies as good as informative performances which simulate the lifestyle of inhabitants along the banks of the North Delta of the Red River.

The legend…

Come behind to the story, fable pronounced which the common fisherman in the 11th century completed note as the Buddhist priest as good as could thereby fly by the air, travel upon H2O as good as tame snakes as good as tigers. However, the holy male Duong Khong Lo( 1016-1094) cumulative his name resolutely in his country’s story books when he used his sorcery powers to heal King Le Thanh Tong( 1066-1127) of the distressing disease. Over 900 years after, residents of Vu Nhat Kibbutz, Vu Thu District, Thai Binh Province still honour the Buddhist favourite with the legal holiday as visionary as the fable it recognises.

The features

The flocks of visitors who come to declare the Autumn Legal holiday, the province’s greatest informative eventuality of the year, have no difficulty anticipating Keo Pagoda, located upon the site where the Buddhist patriarch had pagoda built in the 17th Century.

Keo pagoda is architecturally singular as good as stands during the scenic mark upon the Red River Delta. The Pagoda is home to the resources of very old corpse, from intricately engraved wooden dragons to the pick up of over 100 statues. The pagoda additionally has profitable antiques together with the span of candlesticks from the Mac Dynasty, pottery ware as good as altars from the Le Dynasty, majestic boats as good as some-more, which have been all as good recorded right away as they were during the time of the Le Trung Hung Dynasty in 16th century.

The any year legal holiday is distinguished from 13th to 15th of the ninth lunar month, 100 days after the genocide of the Buddhist patriarch Duong Khong Lo. The legal holiday facilities eremite as good as normal rituals as good as etiquette hold in jubilee of the Buddhist priest who rendered good merits to the people as good as the country. The legal holiday additionally hosts opposite normal informative activities reflecting the hold up character, which is flushed with traits of the Red River Delta’s rural culture.

Keo pagoda festival

Keo pagoda

The celebration

The pagoda’s own fabulous interest plays the poignant purpose in sketch so many visitors to Vu Nhat Village any year upon the 13th, 14th as good as 15th days of the ninth lunar month. Normally, people revisit the kibbutz to suggest request during the Keo Pagoda in apply oneself of the Buddhist monk. Similar to alternative Vietnam festivals as good as events, Keo Pagoda Legal holiday commences with the approach of palanquin to remind people of the anniversary of Khong Lo’s genocide, followed by the vessel foe as good as the good read show foe during the day. When night falls, it’s time for song as good as the wail as good as drum foe, light from the categorical tabernacle illuminates preparations for the subsequent day’s approach, prayers have been offering until midnight.

On the 14th day of the ninth lunar month, in jubilee of the bieing born anniversary of priest Khong Lo, in the sunrise, the approach rite comes after the incense-offering ritual. The carriage pulled by dual pairs of white as good as pinkish wooden horses conduct the approach, accompanied by 8 dwindle bearers as good as 42 group carrying bat though luu bo, the exemplary Vietnamese weapon. Four people wearing black compress outfits as good as white trousers, who lift the fire breathing monster in decoration of Khong Lo’s tour by vessel to the collateral of the dominion to provide King Ly Nhan Tong. Four people in the same outfit carrying the tiny gilded vessel put in the mount, depicting the duration of priest Khong Lo’s hold up when he was the fisherman. In the afternoon, during Gia Roi tabernacle, the mua ech vo( frog-catching dance) protocol pays apply oneself to the gods, whilst scent is offering to Buddha.

The legal holiday continues in to the subsequent day with serve party as good as normal games such as steep throwing, rice in progress foe as good as firecracker hurling competition. However, the many engaging opening which attracts the vast series of traveller is the vessel rowing dance upon land which is achieved by twelve people in excellent costumes, station in dual together lines similar to the approach they lay in the boat. As the single actor beats the tiny drum as good as an additional binds the wooden fish, the twelve performers “row” whilst flexing their legs as good as job out rhythmically. This opening additionally puts an finish to the three-day Keo Pagoda Festival.

It is believed which together with this suggestive legal holiday, Keo Pagoda will sojourn an engaging traveller captivate as good as the honour for Vietnamese architects, Vu Nhat villagers as good as all of Thai Binh Province – as good as the total country!

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