Pregnancy and birth customs in Vietnam

Pregnancy and birth customs in Vietnam

Recording Name upon Family Records Custom

According to a aged law, after checking a family records, avoiding a mistreatment of banned names( name of a kid is same as a name of ancestors) ; a baby kid is strictly since a name.

First-born Baby custom

It has a little difficulties for a mother when she is profound as well as has baby during a initial time. A first-born baby law equates to a mother come behind to her family to have a first-born baby, as well as from a second kid she stays during her husband’s family.

Vietnamese Adopted Child

In Vietnam, there have been 3 categorical kinds of adopted child: grave adopted kid, mystic adopted kid as well as simulated adopted child.

Why a Baby Baby is not Since a Name

There have been most reasons because Vietnamese do not name their baby babies when they were born. A reasons have been idea, ancient supervision process in a aged multitude as well as family customs.

Supersitions After Bieing born of Baby Baby in Vietnam

In Vietnamese etiquette, there have been a lot of superstitions associated to a baby baby after birth.

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