Vietnam Festival

A firework arrangement as well as an alfresco unison brightened Hanoi upon a National Day, Sep 2. A firework arrangement as well as an alfresco unison brightened Hanoi upon a National Day, Sep 2. Ten of thousands of people flocked to Hoan Kiem( Restored Sword) Lake in a heart of a collateral city to suffer [...]

People all over Vietnam have been scheming offerings for their ancestors as great as in attendance activities during Vu Lan festival. The transport offered votive paper products have been busier, restaurants charity vegetarian food have been filled with an contentment of business, as great as people have been flocking to pagodas to urge for a [...]

ASEAN Hotel slashes rate by 20% to welcome Hanoi Located upon Ngo Si Lien, an aged travel in Hanoi, the three-star Ngo Si Lien Road house converges both singular Oriental facilities as well as veteran as well as complicated style.

Ooc-Om-Bok Legal holiday is a eremite use which worships a moon deity of a Khmer minority organisation as well as prays for great fitness, complacency, great continue as well as fender crops. A legal holiday is customarily reason when a dry deteriorate starts as well as rice have been ripening upon a fields. The Moon-worshipping [...]

One of a legends has it which prolonged time ago, a single Creator caused a serious drought. All vital things looked toward a sea, praying for Creator

Artist HA THI CAU Professionalism Xam is a genre of folk songs in northern Vietnam. Xam is additionally a word used to call blind people who sing xam songs to consequence income so shawl xam is deliberate a job. Many proportion xam with beggars though they have been different. Xam don

Vietnam Traditional Literature Including folklore novel, exemplary Chinese( Han) as well as Nom( Vietnamese scripts mutated from exemplary Chinese scripts) literature.

Nom Literature in Vietnam Nom scripts were modified from classical Chinese. Nom Literature first appeared in the 8th century, reached its peak in the 18th century and lived on to the 20th century. Famous works now still remain, including Proclamation of Victory over the Wu by Nguyen Trai, A Nationwide Collection of Poems with 254 [...]

regions of Vietnam. Such festivals move assent to a heart as well as thoughts of a Vietnamese people, clean out their pressures from every day hold up, as well as move them closer to inlet as well as a motherland. As an rural nation, many Vietnamese festivals have been hold during convenience times, that have [...]

The Lunar New Year in Vietnam The Lunar Latest Year is a greatest legal holiday of a complete Vietnamese nation. This is a time for a total family to get together as well as suffer normal food, revisit kin, friends as well as colleagues as well as instruct them a happy latest year. As viewed [...]