Vietnam Festival

Vietnam Literature Vietnamese Novel has been grown with the singular temperament given the early days of the nation. As the nation of multi racial groups with opposite literatures, Vietnam boasts the novel of multi-identities.

Hung King National Worshipping Festival March 10th of a Lunar Calendar is a day of Hung King National Worshipping Festival. This eventuality is distinguished each where in a nation as well as abroad where there have been vast Vietnamese communities. A vital jubilee is hold in Phu Tho, a initial collateral of Vietnam underneath Van [...]

The July Full-Moon Festival According to Buddhism, upon this day, intoxicating beverage of the passed come to the vital universe to suffer offerings. Most family groups reason worshiping rites for ancestors. Upon the finish of the sermon, votive writings have been burnt for intoxicating beverage of the dead. Other offerings, together with soup, desiccated rice, [...]

Vietnam Folklore Literature was innate as early as a obsolete time during work as well as onslaught for a living. It was upheld down from a single era to an additional by a difference of mouth as well as existed in assorted forms, together with folk-tales, mythologies, epics, legends, fairy-tales, droll stories, elegant tales, folklore [...]

Contemporary literature in vietnam The introduction of the National Language (Quoc Ngu) was the foundation for Contemporary Literature or Modern Literature. The first works using the National Language were the fictions “Who can do that?”, “The grass teased by wind” by Ho Bieu Chanh, “To Tam” by Hoang Ngoc Phach, “Watermelon” by Nguyen Trong Thuat, [...]

The classical Chinese scripts were first used in Vietnam during the first period of Northern rule. After gaining national independence in 938, Vietnamese feudal regimes, with high spirit of independence, developed their own literature and used classical Chinese as a means of transmission. There are a number of masterpieces in classical Chinese preserved till today. [...]

Vietnam August Full-Moon Festival This Festival is held mainly for children. Vietnamese families, especially those with little children, always prepare for this festival. On the night of the Festival, most families have a tray of specialties for members to get around and enjoy the Moon’s beauty. The specialties are mainly fruits and confectionery formed like [...]