Vu Lan Festival traditions still alive and strong

People all over Vietnam have been scheming offerings for their ancestors as great as in attendance activities during Vu Lan festival.

The transport offered votive paper products have been busier, restaurants charity vegetarian food have been filled with an contentment of business, as great as people have been flocking to pagodas to urge for a defunct in honour of Vu Lan Festival.

Which motorbike is improved? ( Photo by T. Nguyen)

Vu Lan legal legal holiday, additionally great known as a Amnesty of Unquiet Intoxicating beverage, is hold during a seventh month of a lunar calendar. It is a possibility for Vietnamese immature kids to honour their relatives as great as try to assistance a mislaid souls of their ancestors find their approach behind to earth.

Activities during a month embody scheming ritualistic food offerings, blazing scent, as great as blazing joss paper, a paper-mache form of element equipment such as garments, bullion, bank records as great as alternative excellent products for a upon vacation intoxicating beverage of a ancestors.

In Hanoi, during a Vu Lan legal holiday, Hang Ma Transport offered votive paper products have been a busiest.

From a commencement of a 7th month of a lunar monthly calendar, Thu, came to Hang Ma Transport where sells votive paper products in sequence to buy required offerings for her family

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