Mien (vermicelli made of cassava)

Mien threads have been really prolonged as well as difficult, done from a kind of berry plant called cassava. When served, a prolonged little flour threads have been cut in to not as big pieces. Like rice vermicelli, this kind of cassava vermicelli is used to have multiform opposite meals, a many renouned being Mien Ga( duck cassava vermicelli), Mien Bo( beef cassava vermicelli), as well as Mien Luon( eel cassava vermicelli) . Cassava vermicelli is additionally used for opposite meals that have been influenced in oil, such as Mien Xao Thit( vermicelli as well as pig influenced in fat), Mien Xao Prolonged Ga( vermicelli as well as duck tripe influenced in fat), as well as Mien Xao Cua Be( vermicelli as well as sea crab beef influenced in fat) .

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