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Located 38km from Lao Cai City, Sapa is a alpine district of Lao Cai Province. Sapa District is really obvious with Sapa Townlet, a pleasing as well as regretful resort. At a tallness of 1, 600m upon tip of sea turn, a normal heat of a area is 15-18

Location: Fansipan Towering is located 9km south-west of Sapa Townlet in a Hoang Lien Towering Range. Characteristics: Fansipan is branded

The Queen of a Plateau, Sapa sits regally unaware a pleasing hollow, highly evolved plateau soaring over a locale upon all sides. Welcome to a end in northwest Vietnam, gateway to an additional universe of puzzling minority cultures as great as palatable landscapes. The fantastic view which surrounds Sapa includes cascading rice terraces which brief [...]

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Big marketplace with the far-reaching operation of racial groups: Hmong, Dao, Nung, as well as merchants from alternative racial groups who come all the approach from China to sell their products. Several Pa Zi women sell normal scent done from the bellow as well as creosote of scented trees. Muong Khuong marketplace takes place upon [...]

About 35km from Bac Ha, Coc Ly Marketplace is the full of tone Tuesday marketplace in the alpine area where racial people accumulate to buy as good as sell products, sup as good as splash, or only ramble to suffer the atmosphere of the montagnard marketplace by the Chay River. What to do? We revisit [...]

Sapa is additionally important for a adore marketplace, that takes place upon saturday evenings. A adore marketplace of Sapa used to be a place to find a partner to get married. With a tourism, a genuine adore marketplace does not take place anymore. Currently we can usually see a illustration of a adore market. Do [...]