Vietnam Travel Guide

Whoever staying in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam often pays a visit to Chợ Lớn (or Sai Gon’s China Town), a super vast market town, to be attached to a crowded space of Sai Gon life Whenever Chợ Lớn (or Cholon in some documents) is referred to, everyone may immediately think of a Cholon [...]

Anyone who walks past 15 Hang Ma Street in this city’s Old Quarter could be forgiven for doing a double take. Displayed in front of the shop is a half-sized motor scooter, so realistic it seems a child could hop on and ride away. Touching it, you find it’s made of paper. So is a [...]

Unique gifts, products and services for babies, children and families should be brought from Vietnam as gifts. Examples are Ao Dai, baby clothes, Asian dolls, Vietnamese cultural gifts, and much, much more. Following is the story of a foreign tourist woman who has come back to the US after an interesting time in Vietnam. Please [...]

Vietnam is a friendly and safe place to travel with the hidden charm. But each country have special different, Vietnam too. Different about culture, history and style life… With a sprinkling of common sense, your trip should be smooth and trouble free. Do not be overly paranoid though. Generally, Vietnamese people are very appreciative if [...]

While upon eighth month Da Lat, we will be astounded to find restaurants as good as transport food stalls with meals deputy of all 3 regions of Viet Nam. For breakfast in a sunrise or a discerning image during night, we can enjoy phở ( rice noodle soup) from a north or bún bò Huế ( Hue beef noodle) [...]

At initial, dalat marketplace was during 3/4 motion design( Hoa Binh motion design) upon tip of Hoa Binh block as well as it was called “Wooden Market”( since it was done of timber, tiled by toles), as well as a inhabitants of Dalat that time was usually about dual thousand. In 1037, a glow detroyed [...]

Packaged day tours have been simply purchased turn locale, that will take we to the accumulation of sites.( An violation not odd in the building universe — visitors from outward Vietnam have been mostly compulsory to compensate stand in what Vietnamese compensate for acknowledgment to many places when upon vacation individually.) Dalat Countryside Tours typically [...]

Nha Trang City has a couple of sights value a demeanour in, though superficial attractions have been some-more expected to appeal. Considering a categorical pull here is the beautiful beach as good as a lifestyle which goes with it, even these competence infrequently be overlooked. Nha Trang’s Cham Tower Nha Trang’s Cham Tower is value visiting. A Cham [...]

A latest wire automobile complement in a southern range of Binh Phuoc will prominence a tourism intensity as well as capture financier seductiveness in eco-tourism projects, internal officials said. Construction of a wire automobile complement during a Ba Ra telpher complement inside of a Ba Ra – Thac Mo eco-tourism section in Phuoc Long district, [...]

Nha Trang has the separate personality. One takes the form of the not as big Danang – the busy Viet namese city humming with custom though sanctified with entrance to the pleasing beach. The alternative is the Western review locale encompassing multiform blocks of hotels, traveller shops, bars as well as general restaurants. Entering this [...]