Vietnam Healthcare

Viet Duc Hospital in Vietnam Viet Duc Hospital( aka. Viet Duc University Hospital, Vietnamese: Bệnh Viện Việt Đức, literally “Vietnam – Germany Hospital”) is a largest surgical core of Vietnam, situated during Trang Thi Street, Hanoi. The Hospital was founded in 1904 as a partial of Indochina Healing College by a French colonial administrator Paul [...]

Vietnam pharmaceutical and the traditional medical system The State of Vietnam has done good efforts to safeguard a fit supply of high-quality medicines for a people. Currently, Vietnam has eighteen executive curative enterprises; 132 internal curative enterprises as well as twenty-two joint-venture projects in drug manufacturing. There have been 10, 317 drug stores in communes, [...]

Thong Nhat Hospital in Vietnam This is a complicated sanatorium that consists of 5 buildings situated during a connection of Ly Tu Trong Rd as well as Cach mang Thang Tam Rd, Tan Binh District. In Ho Chi Minh City, There have been thousands of pharmacies, as well as most in isolation conference bedrooms Equipped [...]

Vietnam Some Healthcare Indicators 13, 102 clinics with 184, 440 sanatorium beds. A normal rate is 16.64 open sanatorium beds for 10, 000 citizens; a single alloy for each 1, 700 citizens. Poliomyelitis as well as tetanus between infants were separated in 2000 as well as leprosy in 2005. Vietnam has managed to extent a [...]

Vietnam Healthcare Network Before the 19th century, identified as Oriental traditional medicine, Vietnam’s medicine used mainly herbs. At the end of the 19th century, as Vietnam became a colony of the French, Western medicine was introduced to Vietnam. At that time, clinics could only be found in big cities, while in rural areas, traditional medicine [...]

Cho Ray Hospital in Vietnam Cho Ray Hospital 201 Nguyen Chi Thanh Rd – Dist 5 Tel:( 84-8) 8254137 / 8258074 This is the vast sanatorium with some-more than 1000 beds. On 10th building, there have been bedrooms indifferent for unfamiliar patients. The sanatorium is staffed by gifted professors as well as doctors. Most of [...]

Bach Mai Hospital in Vietnam Bach Mai Hospital is a multi-field medical facility in Hanoi considered one of the largest in Vietnam. The hospital was established in 1911 during the French colonial rule. It played important role in the health system of Vietnam and is one of three high specialized medical centers, specializing on internal [...]

According to WHO’s assessment, Vietnamese health care system ranks 51st among the 191 countries and is evaluated as better than those of countries with the same income per capita. Most of Vietnam’s overall indicators on healthcare are higher than those of other countries with the same income. Vietnam has had some fundamental indicators equal to [...]