Viet Duc Hospital in Vietnam

Viet Duc Hospital in Vietnam

Viet Duc Hospital( aka. Viet Duc University Hospital, Vietnamese: Bệnh Viện Việt Đức, literally “Vietnam – Germany Hospital”) is a largest surgical core of Vietnam, situated during Trang Thi Street, Hanoi.

The Hospital was founded in 1904 as a partial of Indochina Healing College by a French colonial administrator Paul Doumer.

During a story it beared most names: Yersin Hospital( 1943), Hospital of Vietnam – GDR( German Democratic Republic) Friendship( 1958 – 1991), Viet Duc Hospital( from 1991 right away upon) .

The great well known Vietnamese surgeon Ton That Tung some-more than 40 years conducted his investigate as well as operations here.

At benefaction, a Hospital has some-more than 500 beds for patients as well as eighteen operation bedrooms as well as means to perform over 800 open-heart operations annually. It has great team-work in sell as well as precision programs with healing comforts in France, Germany, Australia as well as a little alternative countries. In 1998, a Medicinal Laser Unit was determined here to investigate as well as request laser techniques in diagnosis as well as diagnosis of a little diseases together with cancer.

In 2006, Hans Messer Foundation in a partnership with East Meets West Foundation as well as Draeger donated latest apparatus upon sum volume over 160, 000 USD to enlarge genius for young kids operation in a Hospital.


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