Phan Thiet (Mui Ne)

Maybe a decisive a the single preferred between Saigon expats due to a place as well as good beach. Even yet Vung Tau is a couple of hours closer, a use turn as well as a peculiarity of a beach routinely drags us there. A finish is mostly called Phan Thiet, though it is essentially a tiny a single transport city 10 kilometers divided which gets a many visitors. Mui Ne is a name as well as this place is undiluted for reduced tenure visitors with a contentment of resorts as well as restaurants. A 4 hour expostulate from Saigon, it is tighten sufficient to shun to for a weekend.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Just a couple of years ago it was a exhausted fishing encampment with a prolonged widen of white beach, today a fishing encampment is still benefaction upon a easterly finish of a beach. A beach as well as a highway subsequent to it has turn a city in itself with resorts upon a beach as well as restaurants opposite a road. A accumulation of resorts for all budgets can be found here as well as a food is utterly a bit cheaper than in Saigon. A continue is routinely glorious all year around in Mui Ne as well as a people roving here consists of a full of health brew of tourists, Vietnamese tourists, Saigon expats as well as backpackers.

To do in Mui Ne

Although many people, generally expats, go to Mui Ne to shun a dispatch as well as discord of Saigon, there have been still a little things to be finished when we get sleepy of your resort

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