Hat Xam

Hat Xam

Hat Xam, or the strain of the blind artists, has existed given the Tran dynasty( 13th century) .

Tran Quoc Dinh, the son of King Tran Thanh Tong was the father of the special performance. In the formidable incident, his hermit, in the fit of possessiveness opposite the talents of Dinh, pierced his eyes, digest him blind for the superfluous of his life. Dinh desired singing really most, as good as in sequence to attend with his songs, he invented the elementary low-pitched instrument constituted predominantly of the connective tissue done of rattan as good as alternative creepers that gave out the low as good as melancholy receptive to advice, comparison to the scolding concomitant his singing voice.

The beauty of the “Xam” strain is voiced in the rhythms as good as tones of the music. Its tasteful as good as sharp-witted drum rhythms as good as countless manners of strain applications have it an engaging spectacle. The “Xam” strain tells of the predestine or melancholy of the poor. Besides theses usual themes, there have been droll songs with humorous implications about wrong doings, the defamation of old-fashioned etiquette, the crimes of rulers, as good as the deeds of heroes. These stories have been good desired by most people.

The instruments traditionally used for the “Xam” strain have been the two-stringed violin, bamboo castanets, as good as dual “Xam” drums. People used to travel in the organisation of 2 to 5 as good as sing, especially in residential areas such as the parking lot, the ferry-landing, or the marketplace gate

Today, “Xam” singers no longer exist, though their very old art is still kept alive as good as respected.

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