Vietnam People

Ta Van Restaurant In SaPa Located in a usually up-market road house in Sa Pa, this grill is not poor though great value a revisit, generally if we have been vietnam roving for a whilst as well as have been kind of sleepy of Vietnamese food. Whilst a grill offers an endless menu, a many [...]

Restaurants in Hue Vietnam All over Vietnam, some Vietnamese dishes, ingredients or cooking methods are universal while others are uniquely local or regional. You can sample some of the unique dishes at the wide array of Hue restaurants Omar Khayyams Tandoori A good-value Indian restaurant, deservedly popular for its reasonably priced North Indian fare, which [...]

Bakeries/Ice Cream * Baskin Robbins 128A Pasteur St, D1, Tel: 8295775 * Brodard Delicatessen 11 Nguyen Thiep St, Tel: 8223965 * Deli Shop, New World Hotel 76 Le Lai St, Tel: 8228888 * Dong Du Cafe 31 Dong Du St, Tel: 8232414 * Donut Magic, Saigon Superbowl A43 Truong Son, Tel: 8850241 – 8850243 * [...]

Vietnamese Restaurants in Hoi An Thi Nhan 128 Cua Dai, Cam Chau Hoi An. Halfway from Hoi An old town to Cua Dai beach, by the shrimp farms you will find Thi Nhan across from Full Moon Towns where

Restaurants in Hanoi Vietnam * Thuy Quynh 2 41B Ly Thai To St. Hoan Kiem Dist. Hanoi * Cha Ca La Vong 14 Cha Ca St Tel: 8253929 * Country Side 9 Nguyen Cong Tru St Tel: 8219487 * Dinh Lang Thuy Ta 1 Le Thai To St Tel: 8286290 * Hoa Quynh Restaurant 41 [...]

Viet ethnic group occupies 87% of the Vietnamese population. From the first residential area in Hong (Red River), Ca and Ma basin, they gradually advanced southwards together with other ethnic groups. The concentration was noticeable in the deltas from lower section of Red River, Coastal Centre to lower section of Mekong River. Viet’s residential sphere [...]

With nearly 900,000 inhabitants (1.45% of the Vietnamese population), Thai ethnic group is divided into Thai trang (White Thai) and Thai Den (Black Thai) on the basis of the clothing colour. The residential sphere spreads from Red River right bank to Thanh Hoa, NgheAn Highlands. It is easy for them to mix with native ethnic [...]

Nung People in Vietnam With about 650, 000 inhabitants, Nung racial organisation occupies 1.05% of a Vietnamese population. Divided in to most branches( Nung Phan Sinh, Nung Chao, Nung Inh..), they live in Cao Bang, Lang Son, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Ha Giang. This racial organisation migrated late to Vietnam as well as [...]

Muong People in Vietnam With about 800,000 inhabitants, Muong ethnic group occupies 1.3% of the Vietnamese population. The Muong people’s residential sphere set up an arc between the Vietnamese from Vinh Phu to west of HoaBinh, then to midlands of Nghe An and Thanh Hoa. They belong to Viet-Muong linguistic group, but their culture is [...]

With 800,000 inhabitants (1.3% of the Vietnamese population), Kho’mer occupies the second rank among the populous ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Being the tillers by nature, they skirted Mekong River to settle in Hau Giang, AnGiang, Kien Giang,Dong Thap, Long An, Tay Ninh. They are descended from the ancient Kho’mer people with a famous civilization in [...]