Restaurants in Hue Vietnam

Restaurants in Hue Vietnam

All over Vietnam, some Vietnamese dishes, ingredients or cooking methods are universal while others are uniquely local or regional. You can sample some of the unique dishes at the wide array of Hue restaurants

Omar Khayyams Tandoori

A good-value Indian restaurant, deservedly popular for its reasonably priced North Indian fare, which includes a good vegetarian and thali selection. Take-away and free delivery service.

Address :10 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Hue

Phone :( 054) 821616

Lac Thien

Probably Hue’s friendliest and most interesting eatery, located on the citadel side. Run by a deaf-mute family who communicate by a highly developed sign language, the food is excellent, taking in the Hue staples. Not to be confused with the Lac Thanh next door

Address :6 Dinh Tien Hoang, Hue

Co Do

Cheap prices and a sorely lacking decor shouldn’t put you off sampling the food in this small, no-frills restaurant. Lemongrass and chilli are the predominant flavors accompanying squid, chicken or shrimps

Address :22 Ben Nghe, Hue

Dong Tam

A vegetarian restaurant run by a Buddhist family who offer a short menu, including vegetarian banh khoai and good-value combination dishes. Best at lunchtime when the food’s freshest and you can sit in the garden courtyard

Address :48/7 Le Loi, Hue

Banh Beo of Ba Cu

A famous local establishment where you can sample banh beo, special local dumplings, at lunchtime or up until 5pm; walk up the narrow lane next to 78b Nguyen Hue.

Address :93/5 Phan Dinh Phung, Hue

Hoa Mai Restaurant

Daily special set menus are good; mine featured a unique fried cuttlefish with grapefruit, crab soup, and shrimp with fig and rice cake

Address :51 Le Loi St., Hue

Phone :( 054) 822-122

Mandarin Cafe

The centre of Hue’s backpacker trade, this friendly, unassuming cafe serves up cheap, excellent Vietnamese and Western fare, and also hosts Sinh Cafe’s booking desk, which can assist with boat trips, car/bike hire, and tour information.

Address :12 Hung Vuong, Hue

Phone :( 054)821-281

La Thong Restaurant

La Thong restaurant is the first one in Hue that takes the lead in setting up a harmonious combination between international and domestic styles. At La Thong, you will find both the ancient and modern appearance. Come, look and feel. Located in a beautiful area, our Big Hall looks out to a Japanese style garden, with smiling waitresses in pretty uniforms readily serve your every needs! Come and enjoy the finest sashumi in town! Choose from about 20 types of sashumi and maki rolls. In addition, with our talent chef who has many years of experience in preparing dishes – we also provide a variety of sea food and grill dishes. Our style is professional. In fact, you can either order a meal to our private and luxurious VIP Side or set up a buffet in Big Hall. Especially, we also bring the experts from HoChiMinh City to take part in eating and drinking exchanges every week. Whatever your desire may be, welcome your visit and hope to thrill you

Address :94 Minh Mang Road, Hue City

Phone :( 84 54) 896538

Fax :( 84 54) 896537


Tinh Gia Vien Garden Restaurant

Tinh Gia Vien is located down a quiet lane within the citadel. It has a lovely garden, and serves set menu meals presented in an artistic fashion. The food is OK and plentiful, and the setting is really very nice and makes a quiet change from the noise and bustle of the city

Address :20 Le Thanh Ton St, Hue City

Phone :( 84 54) 522243

Fax :( 84 54) 522243

Y Thao Garden Restaurant

Built 50 years ago, the 2-storey Y Thao house is filled with ancient charm. The owner tries her best to keep the original state of the house. This is evidence by the antique used in every aspect of the house. In addition, the garden is well landscaped. In the main hall, the ancient ceremics used by Hue royalty family is displayed in the rose-wood cupboard. The Y Thao is an ideal place for catching up over lunch or dinner. The food is well-prepared at least one of the Hue royal dish is included in the menu

Address :3 Rue Thach Han, Hue City

Phone :( 84 54) 523018

Fax :( 84 54) 581069


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