Restaurants in Sapa Vietnam

Ta Van Restaurant In SaPa

Located in a usually up-market road house in Sa Pa, this grill is not poor though great value a revisit, generally if we have been vietnam roving for a whilst as well as have been kind of sleepy of Vietnamese food. Whilst a grill offers an endless menu, a many tasty cuisines have been a Fondue or Raclette. Absolutely great things, generally when it is frozen outside! Average cost is about US$ 11-20

Address :Victoria Sa Pa road house ;( Near Sa Pa Church)


Viet Emotion is a latest grill located right during a unequivocally old travel Cau May. It offers Vietnamese as well as Western cuisine with unequivocally tasty, especially. This is deliberate as a single of a most appropriate flashy restaurants in reduction normal as well as complicated style. A cost is available, from US$ 5 to US$ Ten) All staff as well as a trainer have been unequivocally accessible as well as verbalise unequivocally great English. There is a single mechanism for giveaway Internet entrance inside.

Address :Cau May St., Sa Pa Locale,

Phone :871-559

Delta Restaurant

Delta grill offers Italian as well as Vietnamese cuisine with desirable decor. A set menu rate is a bit aloft than circuitously restaurants though a food is unequivocally delicious. Normal prices for a set menu of Vietnamese food have been US$ 5/pax as well as Italian food is US$ 10/pax together with a giveaway soothing drink. Staff have been gifted as well as verbalise both English as well as French.

Address :Cau May St., Sa Pa Locale, Lao Cai

Phone :871-799

Little Sa Pa Restaurant

Vietnamese grill located upon a slant of Ham Rong Mountain. A grill additionally offers a little French as well as Italian cuisine as well as pizza as well as spaghetti.
Price of a little categorical courses:

* Pizza: VND 50, 000/piece
* Spaghetti: VND 35, 000/piece
* Wild Game Meat: VND 40, 000 -150, 000/dish

Address :21 Cau May St., Sa Pa Locale, Lao Cai

Phone :871-222

LePho Restaurant

The singular grill in Sapa shows to vietnam travellers dual Vietnamese tradtional dishes: Pho as well as Nem. In this newly-open grill, Pho is unequivocally “the art of Vietnamese noodle”.

The staff all verbalise English as well as have been regularly accessible as well as especilly a physical education instructor can verbalise fluently both English as well as French. A good as well as still place is located right during a core of a locale upon a approach to Ham Rong towering Park as well as usually usually twenty m from Sapa market.

Prices: Usually usually from 3 USD, we can get an exellent dish here.

* Pho( beef, duck) : 32, 000 VND( 2.1 USD)
* Nem( pig beef, seafood, unfeeling) : twenty-nine, 000 VND( 1.9 USD)

Address :018 Pham Xuan Huan St., Sa Pa Locale, Lao Cai

Phone :( + 84-20) 873439

Fax :( + 84-20) 873439


Website :

The Gecko Restaurant

This French owned grill offers French as well as Vietnamese cuisine. French taste as well as honest staff. Visa as well as JCB cards have been supposed for payment. Food is normal as well as prices have been reasonable.

Address :Sa Pa Locale, Lao Cai

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