Shopping in Sapa Vietnam

Shopping in Sapa Vietnam

Sapa shopping is characterised by the ever-present and persistant local women and girls trying to offload all manner of supposedly traditional handicrafts. “A genuine, authentic H’mong tea cosy ma’am?” We think not. Sadly, the constant stream of foreign tourists and their dollars has destroyed much of the innocent charm of the local hilltribe peoples from the villages close to Sapa, which is often the very thing their visitors are seeking!
The range of merchandise available in Sapa covers handicrafts from a large number of different hilltribes who trek surprisingly long distances to sell their products here.

Shopping in Sapa is a great experience. Get the best deals, learn about the best places to shop in Sapa from our guide below; then stop for some finger food, or relax in one of the Sapa Restaurants. For more general shopping information, check out our Vietnam Shopping Guide.
Sapa Shopping Guide

The different brightly colored and highly decorative fabrics and garment from the different hilltribes are popular purchases. Liquor is the hot item in Bac Ha. The list we have collected below should give you a place to start looking for that special something. We haven’t created a list since the central market (of both Sapa and Bac Ha) are really the only places you are likely to find anything you might be looking for.

Wild Orchid Shop: Cau May St., Sapa Town Tel: 871-665
This is a small shop with very colorful paintings about the daily life of minority people. An owner designs all the styles of minority people’s costumes, specialising in Homing and Dzao people. The cheapest thing in the shop is a small scarf at the price of US$3.

Local Handicrafts: Seems like every female you will meet from the age of 5 and up will try to sell you handcrafted goods. After a while you’ll stop wondering about all the goods because you see them making them, whenever they sit down for even one moment. They are very nice and colourful and make great presents when you go back home. Hats are great too, and they make a nice colourful collection on the wall. The price is about US$1-5 depending on how much you are willing to bargain and how nice the lady you bargain with is.

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