Vietnam Travel

There are two main types of waterway transport: seaVietnam has a dense system of rivers, and a long coastline convenient for the development of waterway transport. and river transportation. Besides, canal transportation is also very popular among people living along canals, especially in provinces in the Southern Delta. Port: includes sea and river ports. While [...]

Vietnam has a immeasurable highway system. Together with a complement of inhabitant high-ways have been networks of provincial as well as district roads reaching all corners of a country. In any range, there have been train stations for inter-and-intra provincial routes with available train services. Many cities as well as towns have grown opposite services [...]

There have been couple of railway routes, of that a North-South track joining Hanoi as well as Ho Chi Minh city is a longest with 1, 726 km( interlude in Vinh, Hue, Da Nang as well as Nha Trang, etc) . There have been additionally alternative railway routes joining Hanoi with a little provinces in [...]

The Northern tourism section consists of provinces from Ha Giang to Ha Tinh. Hanoi is a core as well as a pass pivot is Hanoi – Hai Phong- Halong. A Northern Central tourism area comprises provinces from Quang Binh to Quang Ngai. Hue as well as Da Nang offer as a centers as well as [...]