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So, carrying got behind from the exertions of the sunrise, Frank, Henry as well as myself had breakfast during Sheridan’s as well as afterwards went the apart ways for the couple of hours. you found myself in bed as well as inside of the couple of mins was quick asleep. You all met up again [...]

Foreign visitors to Vietnam in Aug as well as Sep would embrace giveaway visa, according to a Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. A management pronounced they would additionally embrace worth combined taxation reinstate when they buy products in Vietnam. In further, a graduation debate with rebate of 10-40 percent upon products prices would be run [...]

I am really fortunate in having had the opportunity over the past few years to have journeyed to Vietnam and travelled in the North, Central and Southern regions of the country. On most occasions I have been lucky enough to have been invited here to perform, playing folk and Irish traditional music. On one of [...]

As Hanoi prepares to applaud the 1000th anniversary of the initial, take the tighten demeanour to 4 temples built to strengthen the city from all direction1. East: Bach Matriarch TempleThe oldest of the 4 dedicated sites is Bach matriarch( White Equine) Church, located during 76 Hang Buom Travel, Hanoi. Bach Matriarch Church was built in [...]

This afternoon I went back to ‘instrument row’ in Ho Chi Minh to collect the bass mandolin from the instrument maker. Franck Crocker, my photographing friend from Bangkok, journeyed with me along with Mick Moloney who also had ordered a similar instrument. The instruments, identical, sound great and the craftsmanship of the finish on both [...]

So, having got back from the exertions of the morning, Frank, Henry and myself had breakfast at Sheridan’s and then went our separate ways for a few hours. I found myself in bed and within a few minutes was fast asleep. We all met up again at 1.30pm, with friends and partners in tow, and [...]

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What to buy as good as where to buy it in Hanoi I transport the lot as good as we am tempted by so most overwhelming Asian products as good as textiles. When in the nation which has the important great, for instance Sri Lanka

Ah Bia Hoi. No outing to Northern Vietnam is finish yet during slightest the integrate eyeglasses of the stuff. Forget Saigon, 333, or any of the alternative internal beers. Look instead for the tiny, street-side emporium offered locally brewed versions of this light drink. Bia Hoi equates to simply