Vietnam visa prolongation information

What is Vietnam visa prolongation?

Vietnam visa prolongation helps travelers go upon staying in Vietnam after their visas end but exiting Vietnam to request for a latest a single again.

When do you need to magnify my Vietnam visa?

You’d improved extend/renew your visa during slightest 1 week( for 3 months visa, preferably 2 weeks) prior to your visa death date.

Which papers will you need?

Only your strange pass, recollect which your pass contingency have 2 vacant pages during maximum.

Which sort of visa can be lengthened?

For traveller as well as commercial operation Vietnam visa, a extension/renewal is usually germane for 1 month or 3 months( single/multiple entrance) .

For tactful, central visas, or/and alternative sorts of visa, it should be practical by a central agencies or supervision or commercial operation unite or hit a Vietnam Immigration Department in person.

How to magnify my Vietnam visa?

With a target of removing some-more as well as some-more opportunities to await a valued clients, has grown visa extension/renewal services for those who have been in Vietnam. To extend/renew your visa, you have been pleasantly suggested to follow a following steps:

Step 1. Please send us your indicate of your pass as well as a page containing your stream Vietnam visa to Then you will send it to Vietnam Immigration Department to check your report prior to extending/renewing your visa.

Step 2. We will surprise you about a visa prolongation price as well as either your visa can be extended/renewed as visa prolongation varies for any case.

Step Three) For those who have been in Hanoi, greatfully move your strange pass to a office:
In box, you have been in Ho Chi Minh City, greatfully let us know your stream residence so which a staff will come in chairman to collect up your passport.

Step Four) Wait a little days to get your pass behind together with your latest hammered visa.

How prolonged does it take?

The estimate time takes from 5 to 10 days, depends upon your sort of Vietnam visa.

How most does it price?

The Vietnam visa prolongation price varies for any box as well as a sort of Vietnam visa. Greatfully hit us at for serve information.


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