Vietnam Airlines development and quality

Vietnam Airlines is one of the oldest forms from remaining airlines of Vietnam. The precursor was officially established in 1976 after being converted Air Vietnam management and it is renamed Vietnam Civil Aviation. Then, the government decided to change its name to Vietnam Airlines in 1993 and this name remained until today after experiencing some forms and changes of management. Over 35 years of development, the company has brought the trust to all Vietnam and foreign passengers who use the services related to Air. The company has large effort to contribute to the development of Vietnam with the technology of air transportation and aviation services.

Safety and quality

Vietnam Airlines is one of the top safety and quality airlines in Southeast Asia. The company joined the SkyTeam is the first in Southeast Asia, and always meet and satisfy the needs of passengers in a best way. Currently, Vietnam Airlines is the 3-star standard that rated by Skytrax (Skytrax is a world’s leading organization specializes in consulting, research and evaluation on various items related to aviation). In the future, The company is striving to achieve 4-star standard, according to this organization.

The company with a development process since its establishment, the company brings to customers the best flight, high-quality services. The company has met all demand for travel by air of all people with a network of domestic and international flights.