1.7 % growth in tourist visa on arrival in india in february 2014

India provides VoA facilities to citizens of 11 countries.

India provides VoA facilities to citizens of 11 countries.

New Delhi, March 13/Nationalturk – In a good news for Indian economy and people associated with tourism sector, India witnessed 1.7 per cent growth in foreign tourist arrival under Visa on Arrival (VoA) scheme in the month of February this year.

“In February 2014, a total of 1980 VoAs were issued as compared to 1947 VoAs  issued during the month of February 2013. Thus arrival of foreign tourists under VoA scheme registering a growth  of 1.7% in the month of February,” an official of Indian Tourism Ministry said.

He said a growth of  6.8% percent was recorded in number of foreign tourists availing  VoA Scheme during January-February 2014.

“A total number of 3883 VoAs were issued in this period as compared to 3637 VoAs during the corresponding period of 2013,” the official said.

India is providing VoA facility to citizens of 11 countries.

As a facilitative measure to attract more foreign tourists to India,  India launched VoA scheme in January 2010 for citizens of five countries –  Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Singapore,  for tourism purposes. The scheme was extended to the citizens of six more countries, namely Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos and Myanmar in January 2011.

“539 tourists from Japan, 389 from New Zealand (389), 299 from Indonesia),  283 from Philippines, 258 from Singapore, 127 from Finland, 30 from Myanmar, 24 from Vietnam, 18 from Luxembourg, 10 from Cambodia and 3 from Laos travelled to India in February under VoA scheme,” the official said.

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