5 new tours by electronic cars to be conducted at the Old Quarter from 2012

International and domestic travellers who love to explore unique features of the Old Quarter in Hanoi are now offered 5 new cultural tours from Dong Xuan Company to satisfy their interest. These 5 new tours are projected to start in 2012 and tourists will be taken on an electronic car ride on all tours.

These new tours include several types: cultural tours to explore specialty of the Old Quarter; shopping tours to explore the Old Quarter buy souvenirs;religious tours to explore traditional values and beliefs of Hanoians reflected in the Old Quarter, handicrafts tours to visit streets and crafts villages of Hanoi and historical tours to learn about the past of the Old Quarter that is designed particularly for students.

Travellers will be taken through 28 commercial streets, crafts guild and cuisine hubs of the Old Quarter with about 212 historical and cultural relics and 859 valuable constructions along their roads. Visitors are given opportunities to have new experiences about one of the most charming tourism area in this city, as well as learn more about daily lives of people living around.

Besides cyclos, travelling by electronic cars around the Old Quarter of Hanoi is popular among both international and domestic visitors when they travel to Hanoi. Being the center of sights and sounds, Hanoi Old Quarter attracts thousands of visitors daily. The addition of electronic cars has both increased the tour choices for tourists and another green idea to turn tourism in Vietnam more environmental-friendly.

Tourist Information

Southeast Asian, Japanese and Korean are granted entry into Vietnam without a visa. Other nationalities can apply for a tourist visa on arrival with Vietnam-Visa for $20.

How to get there:

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