Vietnam Entry

Upon entering or exiting Vietnam, everyone must complete entry – exit and customs procedures. For prompt completion of these procedures, one should specify clearly in the entry-exit and customs declaration form: – Video cameras, recorders and electronic devices; gold, silver, gemstones and jewellery that are not personal belongings; – Foreign currency in cash (paper, coins and vietnam traveller’s cheques) over US$ 7,000 or equivalent in other currencies; over 5,000,000 Vietnamese Dong in cash. Duty-free goods: 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 150g of tobacco threads, 1.5 litres of alcohol, and other items which are not prohibited with total value not exceeding US$ 300. Prohibited export-import goods (if without permit): weapons, ammunition, explosives, inflammables, firecrackers of all sorts, opium and other narcotics, toxic chemicals, antiques, rare fauna and flora, documents related to national security, cultural items improper to Vietnamese traditions and customs, and toys that have negative effects on children’s character developments etc.

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