Vietnam’s tourism with the… odd advice

VietNamNet Bridge – “The best way to travel in Vietnam is renting amotorcycle and taking a trip from the north to south,” an odd advice.

Lorijon Bacchi, Director of Visa Company in Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia saidthat she read the odd advice on, one of the most prestigiouswebsites to global travelers.

When she came to Vietnam, she heard the joke of Vietnamese tour guides “museumsin the morning, and water puppetry in the evening. Finally, she understood themeaning of the odd advice. Vietnam has many interesting for travelers todiscover. However, it would be better to do this themselves.

In 2011, Visa conducted the sixth survey on the travel tendency in the globe.This was for the third time Vietnam was among the countries for the survey.

Vietnam really an attractive destination

The survey has pointed out that the wonderful natural landscapes, attractivetour promotion packages and the stable political situation are the biggestadvantages of Vietnam for the next two years.

The travelers, who plan to go to Vietnam in the time to come, said that theyfeel elated to join outdoors activities, culinary tours to discover and enjoythe specialty food of different localities. They also said that they feelexcited to enjoy the bustling life at night in the country.

The survey provided concrete and useful figures to the tourism policy makers ofcountries and to travel firms as well. Those, who are interested, can obtain theconcrete information about the age, marriage status, financial capability oftravelers. The survey has also pointed out that the problems of the nations, andthe travelers’ tendency in the near future.

Bad advertisement

Ineffective advertisement has been pointed out as one of the biggest problems ofVietnam’s tourism.

Only 271 foreigners out of the 11,620 polled people said that they once traveledto Vietnam in the last two years, and 338 said they planned to go to Vietnam inthe next two years. The low percentages show that the understanding aboutVIentam’s tourism remains limited.

Especially, the report has also pointed out that Singapore, Thailand, Australiaand South Korea are the countries whose people are most interested in travelingto Vietnam.

Visa’s survey has shown a quite surprising thing. Foreign travelers still keepbiased view about Vietnam. They think that political uncertainties and theterrorism risks are much higher than the average level in the world.

Nguyen Quy Phuong, Director of the Travel Department of the Vietnam NationalAdministration of Tourism VNAT, said that it is to blame Vietnam itself for themisunderstanding, because this shows that Vietnam still cannot do theadvertisement well.

Phuong said that when uncertainties occurred in Cambodia, he once thought thattravelers may think Vietnam is not safe as well and they would not chooseVietnam as the tourism destinations.

“I believe that the percentage of people who keep this misunderstanding is nothigh, but we need to do everything we can right now to settle the problem,”Phuong said.

Bad services

On the sideline of the press conference where Visa released the report, MrsLorijon talked about her feeling as a traveler in Vietnam.

When she first came to Hanoi, she contacted a travel firm and hired a tourguide. However, she felt boring with the trip just after one day. She believedthat there were many things interesting in Hanoi, but she could not approachthem.

After that, she decided not to go with the tour guide any more, but tried todiscover Hanoi herself. And she always feels excited the next times when sheplans to return to Hanoi. She has a lot of plans on where to go and what to eat.All the things about Hanoi have been discovered by herself.

She said she will certainly return to Vietnam. But how many people would returnto Vietnam like her, and how many people would not?

Source: SGTT

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