Visa Extension and change

The extension and change of Vietnam visa is extremely important, you must do this on case you want to stay in Vietnam more time beyond your current visa time.

On case, you are in Vietnam and want to change visa type or extend the visa in time equal to or longer than the old visa that you have. It’s simple, you just contact at
Supporter provide visa services as extension or change, this visa application is for entry of one or more times. Types of visas are for a period as of 1 month to 1 year.

You need to provide following documents:

  • Passport and photos (depending on type and nationality)
  • Information on home and work address
  • You need to send passport to us before the time at your old visa expires from 2 to 3 days.
  • In case you have old visa exceeded the expired time, we can still help you to do visa extension. But you will be fined an amount depending on the time limit of your visa.
  • Then we will send you your passport to the Immigration Department to apply for new visa:
    • You will receive a new visa after 4 to 10 days (depending on each specific case). In case you need visa earlier than that, we can also help you apply early and you will be charged an additional fee
    • The new visa issued will normally be granted a visa as denoted by C1 (tourist visa), B3 (business visa).

Visa has the following notation:

A1: This is reserved for guest visa issued by the State Central Committee, Congress, the President, the Government’s customers (or the equivalent), Ministers, Vice Ministers, Presidents and Vice Presidents of the province and city committees are directly under the Central Government together with relatives and helpers of the those guests.

  • A2: This visa is applied for members of foreign representatives together with relatives or maids
  • A3: This is the visa applied for people come in Vietnam to work or visit representations of foreign countries in Vietnam.
  • B1: This visa is applied for people to work with other agencies as follows: Institute of the Supreme People’s procuracy, the Supreme People’s Court, the ministries, ministerial-level agencies, government agencies, committees of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government and central bodies of the people’s organizations, unions, people.
  • B2: This visa is applied for people to make the investment projects was Vietnam State agency approve and license
  • B3: This visa is applied for people come in Vietnam to work with businesses of Vietnam.
  • B4: This is a visa is applied for all people come in Vietnam to work with offices or branches of economic or cultural institutions and professional organizations of foreign or non-governmental organizations based in Vietnam.
  • C1: This visa is applied for travelers o Vietnam.
  • C2: This visa is applied fro all people to Vietnam for other reasons
  • D: This visa is applied for all people to Vietnam without invitation and reception components in Vietnam
  • D visas is only valid for 15 days, visas are other symbols from 30 days or more.

We are the best guider for your VIETNAM VISA understanding, and you should do follow our instruction.